Get Moving with Gary Vee

Another guy that I recently started following is Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary is an inspirational business man who has rose the ranks over the last three or four years in the public eye. However he has been an entrepreneur for twenty years and been working and grinding for much longer than that. He gained success in the wine business by taking over control of the family liquor store and quickly growing their business into the online wine and selling empire it is today.  My friend over at Movers Roswell follows this guy religiously about business growth. He grew that company from 3 million in sales to over 50 million in sales through his aggressive email marketing and online prowess.

From there Gary Vee started Vayner Media with his brother that grew quickly into one of the largest social media companies. They focus on the fortune 500 customers and managing their social media campaigns to grow their customer base and stay engaged to the customer base. It has established itself into the go to social media branding agencies in America for the larger fortune 500 companies.

Gary also started an investment fund that specializes in tech investments in which they initially raised Continue reading

Inner Motivation, personal choice

In this newest blog post on motivation and all things that inspire me, are some pretty obvious topics of being wealthy and having time freedom. For me, wealth is being comfortable and having time freedom to do the things that we love to do as a family. So, not just about making money is being wealthy, but having the flexibility in my schedule to play golf during the week, take four day weekends whenever we choose and being able to go the beach, and go skiing once per year is the goal! So, being wealthy and having time freedom means different things to different people.

Let start with the way to wealth in most cases. The way to wealth is certainly not getting a job, and saving your way there. It just won’t happen. Companies don’t pay you enough to save tons of money and quit once you have saved enough to invest that money for passive cash flow. Based on what my friend at Roofer Lawrenceville GA says, they will pay you a fair wage based on your skill set and what similar companies pay their employees who do the same jobs. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, the way to wealth is passive or residual income. This is income that is automatically recurring income that comes in each month without you having to go out and earn it doing an hourly wage, or salary. So, ideally you set up this income stream once, maybe do some maintenance on it here and there Continue reading

Get inspired with Cardone

Welcome to my new blog about getting inspired to make some money! Grant Cardone is one of my favorite motivational speakers on the topic of money, sales and getting it done. He routinely motivates me on facebook, and youtube with new tips, videos and hacks to keep yourself motivated to continue moving forward towards your goals. Getting inspired with Grant Cardone is easy, just subscribe to his Youtube channel or follow him on facebook and he posts so many videos and articles that you cannot miss him on there. Literally when you log into your social media accounts, the top three or four posts will be him sitting there with a new video, or link to another inspirational post.

Now that we have established motivation and who you need to follow, lets get something straight. You have to be motivated yourself already and have a deep seeded desire to suceed and do well in life from the start. My guy over at junk removal Smyrna watches this stuff religiously by the way. So, it starts with you, and if you are looking for an edge or someone to push you along then someone like Grant Cardone will inspire you to take action and work on yourself to get there. It is just that extra push each day that adds up to big results over a week, month or even a year. So you have to keep grinding and following guys like him and Gary Vee are inspirational Continue reading