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Welcome to my new blog about getting inspired to make some money! Grant Cardone is one of my favorite motivational speakers on the topic of money, sales and getting it done. He routinely motivates me on facebook, and youtube with new tips, videos and hacks to keep yourself motivated to continue moving forward towards your goals. Getting inspired with Grant Cardone is easy, just subscribe to his Youtube channel or follow him on facebook and he posts so many videos and articles that you cannot miss him on there. Literally when you log into your social media accounts, the top three or four posts will be him sitting there with a new video, or link to another inspirational post.

Now that we have established motivation and who you need to follow, lets get something straight. You have to be motivated yourself already and have a deep seeded desire to suceed and do well in life from the start. My guy over at junk removal Smyrna watches this stuff religiously by the way. So, it starts with you, and if you are looking for an edge or someone to push you along then someone like Grant Cardone will inspire you to take action and work on yourself to get there. It is just that extra push each day that adds up to big results over a week, month or even a year. So you have to keep grinding and following guys like him and Gary Vee are inspirational to keep you moving along at a high pace.

Grant started from the bottom and worked his way up by building businesses, buying apartments and creating the largest sales training organization in the world right now. He constantly motivates car dealerships, sales teams in many industries and gets paid big bucks to do so. He has a few packages you can purchase that will be in the form of videos or cd’s and books that will get you off to the right start. Also, you can hire him live to come into your business, but the price tag is not cheap. Heck, he would rather be doing something else if he doesn’t get paid enough to come out and speak. He has dozens of income streams he says that add up to millions of dollars per year. With all of the profits that he makes, he buys large apartment buildings that cash flow and put money in his pocket each month. In his eyes, getting and staying wealthy is the most important part of the process. Because who wants to make a lot of money, and end up being broke because you are constantly buying the wrong things? Those are the things that he teaches is assets to invest in, and the reason he does certain things.

I would say this. If you are looking to get pumped up about making money and getting in the game of wealth building, then Grant Cardone is the guy to follow. His daily posts, stories that he shares and motivational speeches keep me coming back for more and more. Don’t waste your time on social media, get involved with putting proper information in to your brain each day so that you evolve into a money making machine!

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