Get Moving with Gary Vee

Another guy that I recently started following is Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary is an inspirational business man who has rose the ranks over the last three or four years in the public eye. However he has been an entrepreneur for twenty years and been working and grinding for much longer than that. He gained success in the wine business by taking over control of the family liquor store and quickly growing their business into the online wine and selling empire it is today.  My friend over at Movers Roswell follows this guy religiously about business growth. He grew that company from 3 million in sales to over 50 million in sales through his aggressive email marketing and online prowess.

From there Gary Vee started Vayner Media with his brother that grew quickly into one of the largest social media companies. They focus on the fortune 500 customers and managing their social media campaigns to grow their customer base and stay engaged to the customer base. It has established itself into the go to social media branding agencies in America for the larger fortune 500 companies.

Gary also started an investment fund that specializes in tech investments in which they initially raised 25 million for the start  of the operation. They have successfully invested in consumer tech companies and have already had some very profitable exits from these companies which has made the investors a large return.

Now, Gary Vee has a Youtube channel that is very active and he hosts a show once a week on their called ask Gary Vee show. This is where he will have the audience on social media or you tube ask questions directly to Gary Vee via messaging or live feed. He then records his answers back to the camera where he broadcasts them on his Youtube channel. It is a great way to interact with a serial entrepreneur and have him answer questions related to branding, business, and how to grow and scale quickly.

Gary Vee is super motivational and in your face about working hard, not being a victim of your own circumstance and just being active in life. His philosophy is to not sit around and wait on something to happen, but to got make it happen yourself! A lot of his messages are about the fact that you see his success and think it happened overnight, when in fact it took a decade for him to have huge success and working all the time to create it. I really like his message and overall representation of working hard and working smart to create your own legacy and making the most of your time.

In a nutshell you need to follow Gary Vee and see what it will do for you. For me personally, it has motivated me to work longer, try harder and not make any excuses as to why something isn’t working. At the end of the day you either do it or you don’t, so it is not up to someone else to throw it in your lap. Follow him on facebook and twitter by just looking up his name there.

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